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Wrongful wishes


I wish you would disappear

amongst the rubble of your hypocrisy

your words are meaningless

and wholly untrue

You float through this life

casting dispersions like gem stones

the man who knows something,

knows he knows nothing

your world is full of adventures and random people

but does anyone call you friend?

love is the only way

and you have lost the path

but it is not for me to judge your existence

only to take heed not to recreate

all that is you in myself

                             or someone else

the pain of loss has long since subsided

all that is left are trivial memories

that one day too shall dissipate

bubbles popping joyously

“You’re such an inspiration for the ways that I will never ever choose to be.”































Angelos Petra

Awaking to the absence of bliss

For you have departed this red room

Leaving only the sensation of light

And a cool dessert lingering

You vacationed in my essence

A chance to feel that which you have lost

I would give it all to you

But now what do we do?

You are riding waves of ambivalency

Bound by conventionality

And shackled by common perceptions

Both my inherent enemies

I only ruled by heart and mind

Am left waiting for your Queen’s Gambit

Will you follow what you sense is true?

And commence the necessary coup

I can liberate you from the pain of indecision

To walk amongst my appreciation

I too have seen an angel in the stone

And will carve until I free him

In this present is now simply past

Memories of the lushness of the river

And the chartreuse in your eyes

Gleaming off the optimism in mine

Anticipation of velvety kisses,

Ubiquitous in every exchange

Laughter interspersed with longing looks

I know this path well

I chance my destruction

For the opportunity of intense connection.

Summer is Here and I am Free

I float above the cloudy hot days

Immune to its gravity haze

Time has been both friend and foe

Manic highs and depressed lows

A slave no more

to my shackled core

With persistence I broke free

to again feel and see

This summer nothing like last

For I am now done with the past

Moving forward in honor and glory

Is truly the end to this story

Cicadas with their rhythmic sounds

Texas size skies that astound

I sit on the river just to feel

All that is beautiful and surreal

Gratitude flows down my spine

while the scent of oak and pine

pervades my very essence

there is joy in your absence

The water is healing and full of life

I am no longer anger and strife

My soul is floating in the clouds

No longer covered by your shroud

Summer is here and I am free

To yet again feel and see

All that there is to be thankful for

Mother Nature, my saviour.


I awoke to the darkness of the morning moon

and my first thoughts were not of you

Beautiful apathetic amnesia

soothes my soul and has removed your heinous sore


Each day I grow stronger

Each day I am farther

Each day you fade away


In this suffering that is life

many options are apparent

but only one resides in truth and love

enlightenment originates in struggle


Each day I am learning

Each day I am creating

Each day I am released from your destruction


I rest my head tonight listening to the sound of stars

my body exhausted from training

my mind fatigued by inquiring

and my soul challenged by searching




Creation from Destruction

A damaged soul basking in the light of the full moon

An Indigo child waiting for the Aquarian Age

Will the chaos transform into awakened consciousness?

The sleeping numbers, eyes closed only to the truth

their inaction the gravest of their sins……

I feel the chill of winter

I feel the sting of misplaced hope

I long for the taste of peace

As the energies intensify so does my need for resolution

the end of the world is drawing near

and yet I am unafraid

my universe died some months ago,

my civilization burned to the ground

But I have seen the Phoenix,

I flew upon her wings

The end of the world is nearing,

and I am unafraid.

Because I built a civilization on the ashes of another

Where there was rubble and destruction,

I became the architect of transformation.

Complex and contradictory,

I bask in the glow of the full moon,

and welcome everything to come.

Awakened, prepared and having already survived its’ end………………….

A love lost

The most meaningful words can fall upon deaf ears

the heart’s truth gushing forth the blood of emotionalism

and yet its recipient lacks observation.


Yours was the guillotine that sliced through my optimism

Your words and actions, the tools of torture

Your judgement and apathy, weapons of mass destruction



Needle in hand, I will suture my heart

Pen in hand, I will sooth my soul

Guyan Mudra in hand, I will meditate through the conflict


Love has left a lasting impression

Its chalk outline never leaving

only fading in and out, sometimes brighter and more recent

other times, barely visible under the light of life experience………


whoever said it is better to have loved and lost,

never loved you.





The dust of chaos settles upon an uncertain foundation

bewildering situations encourage evolution

the ubiquitous amethyst haze slowly dissipating daily

kind words of strangers rest upon my ears and heart

and gently remedy the illness of insecurity

the real cure though coming from within

experiences wash over my psyche and bombard my senses

as the electricity of a touch, kiss, smile

send slight, surprising shocks down my spine

each cell crying out with relief

the future unknown,

the past abominable,

the present perfectly flawed

it is a new day, new year, new me………..





Liebster Blog Award!

I would love to humbly thank for nominating me for this award. What started out as a sole means of aiding me through an extremely difficult time in my life has taken a wonderful turn into self-expression and the fact that many have gone with me on this journey is both amazing and so meaningful.  Thank you to all who follow and comment, I could not be more appreciative for all the support! I feel so incredibly blessed by all of you! 😉

The Liebster Blog Award is given to up-and-coming bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. The rules for the award are:

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My Top picks for this nifty award are:

Best wishes to everyone and thank you again, I am so totally stoked! And yeah I just said stoked! 😉


Flowers in the Atmosphere

The pale rose-colored sky gently warms my essence,

much like my heart,

the pinks first innocent and unassuming

transition into passionate fuchsias

and end in lilac love.

Love Comes Again

Love’s door slammed shut

And you opened my window

You shone a light into my darkest corner

A welcome reprieve from all the pain

Your smile comforts me

Your touch calms me

You warmth reminds me

Of all the possibilities

You are that which I have sought

My only hope to satisfy you

My appreciation grows daily

Thank you………