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Language Lover

So I have been dosing my cerebrum with the works of Carlos Castaneda, Dante, Sophocles, Lao Tzu and Celine.  Surely eclectic and wonderfully written.  In recent months as my mind has been ravaged by insecurity and unanswered questions the escape into language has been invaluable.  I have always loved language.  From a very young age I was exposed to foreign languages and I am truly appreciative for this.  The private school that I attended required us to take Spanish and Latin and Spanish soon became one of my favorite subjects.  Then in high school I decided to take French as well and continued into college.  Now I am venturing into the world of Arabic.  What I truly love about linguistics is that these are the ways in which we express ourselves and I think that it is so integral for us as humans to try to understand each other.  And I mean really understand each other.  Anthropologically speaking, language is the main aspect of any culture and I would love to learn about as many different cultures as possible.  For now though I am enjoying reading all of this classic literature, some in its original language.  Words are so beautiful and the way that some manage to effortlessly string them together and create such amazing art is awe-inspiring.  Dante’s description, Castaneda’s romance, Sophocles’ tragedy, Tzu’s intellect and Celine’s mystery all breathtaking in their own right.  I have an interview with a company tomorrow that specializes in increasing the globalization of businesses and I could not be more excited.  I would love to be able to facilitate the unification of multiple countries and be able to do so with my knowledge of language.  So excited!



Words can be spoken with wisdom or wrath

sentences construed constructively as

emotions seep through the expression

I love this language of life

endless options are ubiquitous

some evoke romance and love

others more forward and clinical

all ways that we can learn about each other

unity is within our reach

how do you speak?


Wish me luck 😉