Monthly Archives: June 2013

Love on the run

A bright shining light

Moth to a flame

I died to feel your desire

Intense and brilliant,

you drew me in.


My wings burning,

I drew ever closer

wanting your love

I believed your treacherous words.


I fell through the hour glass

grain by grain,

disintegrating with every insult

my soul lost unto the addiction.


You took solace in the drugs,

I felt the pain of reality

tears fell easily

with every pill swallowed.


Yours is the need to escape the loneliness

while it is all I have

because while the escape is yours

sadly it is all I have.


Abandonment is your only foe

and yet it is your gift to all those

that love you so deeply.


Tonight, I bleed

drops of true love,

but you are encapsulated

by milligrams of denial.