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The IT Crowd, one woman’s opinion ;)

The IT Crowd……facts and stats

I could write several paragraphs about this silly and eccentric British comedy but everything I would need to say is more concisely expressed in a single quote from one of my favorite characters, Douglas Reynholm. “Brilliant. Thank you, Computer Man. I’m told my father was particularly proud of the IT department, run by a dynamic go-getter, a genius, and a man from Ireland.” These three are so oddly matched but through their mutual ignorance of social graces and propensity for misadventures they cultivate long-lasting and wacky friendships.

Jen Barber (Dynamic Go-Getter) The strangely appealing “Relationships Manager” who is thrust into the actual position of Manager of the IT department of the billion dollar company, Reynholm Industries. With her red hair, fair skin, silly, sweet, patient, and dorky demeanor she is the den mother of the nerds.  A typical innocently ironic quote from Jen,”I love this. I feel so social.” In reference to the IT department’s recent foray into the world of social media via, Friendface.  She said this as all three sat in their basement room, all on their respective computers communicating through instant messaging in lieu of speaking.

Moss (Genius)- The outwardly stereotypical nerd aside from his noticeable height and well-built frame.  He is of mixed ethnicity giving him an exotic yet attractive dorkish quality.  He is the obvious winner in the intelligence department but his intellect is solely academic in that he lacks total common sense.   He is kind to his fellow IT mates and even goes so far as to pretend to be Jen’s amazingly accomplished and complimentary husband in one episode when she desires to impress old friends that she has reconnected with on Friendface.  “Hey if I’m pretending to be married. I’m pretending to be sexually active. Don’t worry Jen, I plan on earning these 10 pounds.” His nerdishness though is sometimes over-shadowed by the presence of a self-assured butt-kicking intellectual. “I came here to drink milk and kick ass and I’ve just finished my milk.”

Roy (Man from Ireland)- This tall, goofy Irish man has sexy nerd attractiveness.  He is the fashionable, snarky, sarcastic one of the bunch who sports ironic T-shirts reminiscent of Judah Friedlander character’s hats from 30 Rock.  They range anywhere from “meh.” to “Filthy Panda” to my personal favorite “OMFG.” He is always full of off the wall theories and a total lack of tact and couth which make him all the more hilarious. “Oh, Jen….Don’t be such an old fuddy duddy! The world has changed! If two grown men can’t make a pervert happy for a few minutes in order to watch a film about Zombies than maybe we should all just move to Iran.” His ridiculousness is only eclipsed by his pseudo-womanizing but he is a nerd on a mission…..for the ladies.

Douglas Reynholm (Idiot Savante)- This egocentric, eccentric sexual-harassser is the son of Denholm Reynholm, billionaire owner of Reynhom Industries.  He doesn’t really join the cast until the later seasons but once he does, he becomes the origin of the best random one-liners to date as well as the owner of the most questionable fashion decisions on the show.  His outfits are symbolic of his excess of money and his terrible taste.  At one point his propensity for sexual harassment causes him to be punished by wearing pants programmed to shock him upon even the slightest of impure thoughts. which leads him to exclaim,”Goddamn this electric sex pants!”

I would definitely rate this as an amazing show. It is consistently funny, the character development is great and the writing is innovative and cheeky……………… so check it out on Netflix!



How Netflix saved my Life/Or how I most likely watched more TV shows than humanly possible while sick ;)

Given my recent discovery of the awesome and amazing existence of Netflix, I was inspired to write reviews about some of the absurdly random shows that I have encountered.  They have been there for me through sickness and health.  They have made me laugh, made me cry and they have made me cancel dates to watch marathons of sarcastic, satirical, sexy, silly sitcoms that are much more amusing and a lot less tragic than real life. Well other than Mistresses which is as equally as tragic but containing more attractive people with British accents! 😉 For this little project, I have chosen to break it down into my top-five favorite shows thus far from Britain and the USofA. I have to say, I have found some gems that I would never had known existed until a ridiculously bad sinus infection! So thank you over-run bacteria, your quiet yet aggressive invasion of my body has lead me to delightful dalliances into all that is television and cinema.


Look out for my first synopsis of my arguably favorite British comedy, The IT Crowd……….

Creation from Destruction

A damaged soul basking in the light of the full moon

An Indigo child waiting for the Aquarian Age

Will the chaos transform into awakened consciousness?

The sleeping numbers, eyes closed only to the truth

their inaction the gravest of their sins……

I feel the chill of winter

I feel the sting of misplaced hope

I long for the taste of peace

As the energies intensify so does my need for resolution

the end of the world is drawing near

and yet I am unafraid

my universe died some months ago,

my civilization burned to the ground

But I have seen the Phoenix,

I flew upon her wings

The end of the world is nearing,

and I am unafraid.

Because I built a civilization on the ashes of another

Where there was rubble and destruction,

I became the architect of transformation.

Complex and contradictory,

I bask in the glow of the full moon,

and welcome everything to come.

Awakened, prepared and having already survived its’ end………………….

A love lost

The most meaningful words can fall upon deaf ears

the heart’s truth gushing forth the blood of emotionalism

and yet its recipient lacks observation.


Yours was the guillotine that sliced through my optimism

Your words and actions, the tools of torture

Your judgement and apathy, weapons of mass destruction



Needle in hand, I will suture my heart

Pen in hand, I will sooth my soul

Guyan Mudra in hand, I will meditate through the conflict


Love has left a lasting impression

Its chalk outline never leaving

only fading in and out, sometimes brighter and more recent

other times, barely visible under the light of life experience………


whoever said it is better to have loved and lost,

never loved you.