Unconditional Love, Possible?

At first glance anything can appear beautiful, further inspection reveals its flaws.

Shallow tendencies despise and reject this,

deeper understanding illuminates the true perfection in it.

So why do I feel like my flaws are judged so harshly?

I am intense.

I do feel deeply.

I care immensely.

Too much of a good thing can be overwhelming and send people running.

I long for real acceptance.

I yearn to hear that love can be unconditional.

Am I so hard to care for with all my passion and concern?

I have been told that these aspects make me unique and special,

but they seem more like curses when I am consistently met with resistance.

Has everyone forgotten what it means to emote?

Are we all so frightened by our feelings that when confronted with intense emotions our first response is to bail?

I recognize my flaws and want nothing more than to eradicate them but do they really make me so impossible to love?

“You move too fast.”

“You feel  too deeply.”

“You think too much.”

When did theses qualities become so negative?

It used to be that you had to lie, cheat, disrespect, not think before speaking, be too closed off.

Now openness and honesty are the exceptions, the abnormal.

What has happened to us?

Why is love so difficult for some?

Now the question becomes:

Stay true to myself or play the game in order to succeed?

But is that true success?

Is there someone who will accept me for who I am?

Or am I doomed to be caged by conventionalism forever?


About RelentlesseGirl

Moi: Redhead, Buddhist, Fighter, Raver, Yogi, Equestrian, Lover of Languages, Mother of Menagerie, Broken-hearted Saviour, Physique Competitor, NASM certified trainer, Admirer of Thunderstorms and Candles……..all in all complex and contrary but loving and fun

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  1. I like your post. I kinda feel the same way since my ex wife and I split up in August. Here’s somethings it taught me if you dont mind me saying… no one wants unconditional love; people dont want love without having to fight for it it seems. If your a nice guy/girl youll always lose out to the jerks until your dating pool reaches the age when they figure out that bad people end up leaving them alone and empty. Love is a verb not an emotion. Love is an action. When you love someone it shows whether its flowers just because or suprising you with coffee at work or something like that. If they never do anything like that than you have to ask yourself where are you on their priority list. Emotions come and go and you can fall in and out of “love” a hundred times in a relationship, but if you and yor partner are not friends first with common ground then the romance wll run cold. Trust your instinct; if the relationship doesnt feel right there is always a reason and you have to work on finding it out and fixing it. If your partner doesnt want to then they obviously dont hold your feelings important. Never let anyone make you feel worthless; if they do they are manipulative and you got to run! Most importantly if your not happy with yourself youll never be happy with anyone else. Sorry your so sad. Im sad too hopefully the new year will bring better results for the both of us.

  2. I am to intense, I feel to deeply, I think too much … accusations tossed in my face not 2 weeks ago! I must say I was shocked that these were ‘bad’ traits. But never fear, we know we are not alone!!

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