Daily Archives: December 14, 2011

Bon anniversaire Christian!

Today you are two years old

Far from the little one I found out in the cold

Now grown up and more sure

Of all your appeal and your Siamese allure


I love your face and you whimsical sounds

when you are in the room my heart abounds

Beautiful and sleek your body comforts me

A lovable baby is all I see


Years ago today I had no clue

Of all the wonderment you could do

You bring a smile to my soul

And gave me my motherly role


Oh Christiano, I do treasure thee

especially on bended knee

When I pick you up and squeeze you tight

You make everything else seem alright


I hope you know how much you are

On this December day when your dad is afar

I’m sure he wishes he was here

To tell you how special and dear


You are to both of us……..


Bon Anniversaire┬áMon chat, J’taime┬átoujours!